I often ask prospective brides this question. “In 25 years what would you like to be able to share with your daughter as she prepares for her wedding day?” Would it be the beautiful flowers that you chose or the unique setting where the wedding was held, or perhaps it would be your dress, the one that you and your mom spent countless hours searching out.
Granted, all of these things are very much a part of your wedding day experience and can easily be captured and preserved in photographic art, but my follow-up question always is…. “What provisions were made in your planning to capture the love?” To some this may sound cliché’, but seriously ponder this question for just a moment. Can Photographs alone tell the entire story?

As a 10 year veteran of Wedding Films and Photography with LifeSong Visual Arts in Spartanburg SC I would like to share with the readers of this blog a recent wedding film that helps describe what I am saying. Tiffany Harris and Austin Harper were friends since the seventh grade! Listen and watch as we use our cinematic tools of the trade to capture the essence of the sights, sounds and emotions of this once in a lifetime event. A Special thanks to Jerry and Jody Raines of Hampton Road Farms, in Inman, SC.

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