In this weeks post I want to talk about two things… first, I would like to share with you our latest Cinematic Short Film, and talk a little bit about the Wedding of Jessica Stepp and Robbie Biershenk.  First take a look at the film….  bet you can’t watch without tearing up!

As you can tell Robbie and Jessica were a fun loving couple that planned their special day around the passion this family has for golf!  Using  the beautiful Green Valley Country Club in Greenville, SC as a backdrop, Jessica and her coordinators weaved the events of their wedding day into this beautiful setting.  During the Ceremony in lieu of the Unity Candle or Sand Ceremonies, Jessica and Robbie chose to create their own unique “teeing off” ceremony… symbolic of the start of their married life together!  Be sure to take the time to watch how we captured the beauty as well as the emotion of the wedding day in only 4 minutes and 11 seconds!

As the title suggests, wedding VIDEOS are really defined as a simple recording of the day’s events as they happened, and producing a DVD of the recorded results…. but Wedding FILMS take capturing the emotion of a wedding day to a whole new level!  Today’s technology has allowed the wedding videographer  to become a wedding cinematographer.  With tools that ten years ago were only available to Hollywood productions, we as cinematographers,  have the ability to create an emotional story that you will re-connect to very time you watch.

Be sure to take just as much care when deciding on who to hire as your wedding cinematographer as you do with your photographer.  Watch films by those you are considering.  Make sure to choose a company who style most closely matches yours.

In next week’s post I will provide 10 things to consider when choosing your wedding film maker!

Until then!

Chris Sigmon  Owner/Artist
LifeSong Visual Arts, LLC
Providers of wedding and event films and photographs serving the Carolinas and Georgia

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