This was the caption recently published on the FaceBook Page of Hampton Road Farms in Inman, SC.  The host had photographed our drone at work as we went about the work of capturing aerial images for the wedding film of Tiffany Harris and Austin Harper.  What a perfect opportunity to show the beauty of an outdoor country setting for this very special occasion.

We are pleased to now offer this awesome add on for both out video and photo packages.  In photography, there is nothing like the unique perspectives that can be achieved for that special shot.  Imagine being able to take a 12 megapixel photograph featuring your bridal party as you stand looking over a mountain cliff,  from in front of the bridal party, or the ability to create a majestic fly over of your outdoor setup from hundreds of feet above capturing all the beauty and surrounding landscape.

Beginning in October of 2015, LifeSong will be offering for a limited time, the opportunity to add the aerial option to any of our Cinematic Wedding film packages, Gold and Silver Photo packages, or the Gold and Silver plus Cinematic combined packages.  See details herefor no extra charge for events booked before the end of 2015.

Once the deal expires, the aerial option will be included in the Platinum Wedding film package, and available as an add-on for the cinematic event packages and the Silver and Gold Photographic packages.

Give us a call at 864-706-0317 to book your wedding in 2015, and take advantage of this unique offer for your wedding film or photographs.


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