What Story will Your Wedding Film tell?

When creating any film, I love to make a movie on something that I know nothing about! I try to create a sense of curiosity and a yearn for the viewer to know more about you, your fiancée, and the events of your life that led you to this day.

As a college student I majored in Photo Journalism. How do you think most people define Photo Journalism? I would say simply that it is the craft of using words and pictures (moving or still), to convey a story.

LifeSong Visual Arts, is a full service wedding film and photography provider, so whether we are designing an album, or crafting a wedding film, we understand that in order for your event to be truly remembered, we must first tell the story, then use the visuals to reinforce the events and emotions of the day.

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. On the surface your wedding day is about arriving, getting ready, (the beginning), the ceremony ,(the middle) , and the celebration, and departure (the end). The real key to a successful wedding film may not be in the surface story, but an underlying or back story.

LifeSong approaches each of our Cinematic films with the idea that there is more behind the wedding day story than the events of that day… sure, that is the focus, but what separates a wedding video from a wedding film, lies in the story behind the story…. How you met, what challenges did you have in your relationship, how did your upbringing influence your choice in a life partner, what parents, grandparents and or relatives were instrumental in teaching you about marriage, when did you realize that he/she was the one for you, what are your future plans and dreams, what kind of mother or father do you think your partner will make, what are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Emotions are the driving force for any story. Think about any Hollywood production. If the images were just beautiful images, would they alone convey the real story?

What is your real story? We’d love the opportunity to capture and save this for you to celebrate and share for years to come.

Chris Sigmon/ Owner Artist
LifeSong Visual Arts

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