1. What’s the best location? The most important part about your shoot will be the location you choose. If there is a particular location that is has a special significance to both of you..maybe it is where you met, or perhaps where he proposed, or a place that you go a […]

Congratulations to many of  you!  This may very well be your first Valentines day as an engaged couple, or a newly married one!    I wanted to take this time to share with you a recent couples session.  Morgan and Joe were married in July at Duncan Estates in Spartanburg.  […]

What Story will Your Wedding Film tell? When creating any film, I love to make a movie on something that I know nothing about! I try to create a sense of curiosity and a yearn for the viewer to know more about you, your fiancée, and the events of your […]

A possible scenario.. Guest: “Hi Sarah…. I am so sorry that I missed your wedding, do you have your pictures?” Sarah: “Sure let me show you….” (fumbling through a drawer), “I know there are here somewhere”(more fumbling) “Ah here they are!” (producing a flashdrive) Guest: “Hmm..How do we see them?” […]

If your are reading this because you are getting married soon and considering a wedding film, let me tell you “you have an amazing opportunity” that many before you have never had! Ok, what do you mean… that’s a pretty vague statement? What I am trying to say is that […]

In this weeks post I want to talk about two things… first, I would like to share with you our latest Cinematic Short Film, and talk a little bit about the Wedding of Jessica Stepp and Robbie Biershenk.  First take a look at the film….  bet you can’t watch without […]

This was the caption recently published on the FaceBook Page of Hampton Road Farms in Inman, SC.  The host had photographed our drone at work as we went about the work of capturing aerial images for the wedding film of Tiffany Harris and Austin Harper.  What a perfect opportunity to […]

A favorite story of mine is from my high school days when I was attempting to obtain my first car. Now you must know that in my little small town, your car was your status symbol! I would spend hours dreaming about my first ride, and just what it would/could […]