A possible scenario.. Guest: “Hi Sarah…. I am so sorry that I missed your wedding, do you have your pictures?” Sarah: “Sure let me show you….” (fumbling through a drawer), “I know there are here somewhere”(more fumbling) “Ah here they are!” (producing a flashdrive) Guest: “Hmm..How do we see them?” […]

Last Summer I had the privilege of traveling to Italy.  Wow what an experience for a photographer!  As I have been quoted several times “Every glance was an image you had to capture”.  Visual Art is my passion, whether it is capturing the emotion of a wedding, the innocence of […]

Whether we are shooting weddings, family portraits, senior portraits or creating the latest high impact wedding films, LifeSong Visual Arts exists to serve you by capturing and artfully editing the images of your life.  Our business was born out of a desire to help you connect to your life, which […]