A favorite story of mine is from my high school days when I was attempting to obtain my first car. Now you must know that in my little small town, your car was your status symbol! I would spend hours dreaming about my first ride, and just what it would/could be, and in my mind it was a shiny sports car…. something classy like a BMW or at least a loaded down domestic. But my parents had other ideas…. our versions of what defined CAR were very different!

Ok, so maybe not the best metaphor for Wedding Films but hey I tried!  In this Issue of “All Things Visual” I want to take the time to explain the different types of Wedding Films we offer and how why they may differ so much in cost!  After all that BMW 330M that I imagined for my first car was quite a bit more expensive than the Ford Taurus that my parents were thinking…. can’t argue with the fact that they both satisfied the definition of “car” … but in reality they were very different…

Are you getting my drift?  So, not all Wedding Films are created equal, and in fact can be very different.  Let me try to explain the types of edits we offer and their differences.

Our Hybrid Wedding film is our most inexpensive option.  This is a 1 camera compilation that covers in video the entire time that we are photographing your wedding.  So one big difference right off the bat is that a HYBRID is only available as an add-on to one of our Photo packages.  The Hybrid is very similar to the Cinematic Short film in editing style but will be much more limited due to coverage (about 4 hours) and the absence of some of the Cinematic features (more on that later)!  For couples who are not sure whether they even want a wedding film, this is a great and relatively inexpensive add on to one of our Photo packages.

Basic – This video is exactly what the title implies… basic.  It covers the ceremony and brief reception highlights (up to the cake cutting) technically up to 6 hours.  The video is documentary in style, which means that we don’t use other grip equipment (that’s fancy movie talk for devices that makes your shots move and soar),  and is presented chronologically just as it happened.

Cinematic Short – The first of our “Cinematic” offerings this film is 5 to 7 minutes in length, uses time shifting and employs the use of steady cams and sliders (Grip equipment) for cinematic effect.  Time shifting is a Cinematic technique where events of the story being told are not necessarily presented in the order they happened. In this video package you also get streaming option, full documentary edits of the ceremony and reception, 2 Cinematographers and up to 8 hours coverage.  At this level we introduce the Storyteller option as an add on.  This technique uses wedding day messages that you write to each other as a means to tell the story of your wedding day.  All combined this coverage, equipment and script options feature you and your fiancee starring in your very own wedding day film.  The relatively short length of the Cinematic Short (crafty name huh?), means that you can share this film very easily on your smart phone app or on your social media pages… by the way.. we provide the apps to allow you to do this too!

Cinematic Feature – This is the Big Kahuna!  The Cinematic Short film becomes a 20 – 25 minute Cinematic Feature Film… Uses all the same tools and special features of the Cinematic Short, and weather permitting, aerial videography and photography from our drone!  The coverage is extended up to 10 hours.

So…. just as I painfully learned as a teen that all cars are not created equal, neither are Wedding Films!  Call us for a free in person consultation and give us a chance to configure a wedding package for you that gives you everything you want at a price you can afford!

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